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CMM-Schmidt is a professional engineering design firm with a national reputation specializing in the production and distribution of energy. With over forty years of experience in energy production and distribution industry, CMM-Schmidt has acquired valuable expertise in many areas. Those areas include maintenance and repair of energy production equipment, planning and design of systems to produce energy in the most economical manner, innovative alternate energy production, monitoring and control of energy production and use, incineration and environmental control. Our client list includes many Fortune 500 companies, Federal Agencies, U.S. Armed Forces, and public utilities.

Schmidt and Associates was formed in 1965 as mechanical and electrical consulting engineers. During the years of 1966 to 1967, Schmidt and Associates merged with Noble W. Herzberg and Associates. In 1968, Schmidt and Associates came into its own and emerged as the firm of Schmidt Associates, Inc., mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers. In 2010 Schmidt Associates merged with CMM Inc., a full service construction engineering and management firm, to form CMM-Schmidt.

Since that time, our organization has specialized in central utilities services, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and power for industrial, institutional, and governmental plants including studies, tests, application, and installation of new technologies in industry today.

Each project, whether it be a study (feasibility, new technology), retrofitting of small or large installation, or ultimately an entire new installation from ground up, are all handled with the same care and consideration of the client in his needs for an economically, environmentally clean, and efficient end operation.

Mission Statement:
CMM-Schmidt is uniquely structured to bring together the very finest personnel from the Engineering, Manufacturing and Environmental venues. This talent allows us to provide our customers with a common sense, cost effective and efficient approach to each and every project. It is our responsibility and duty to execute our work safely, accurately, and timely. We look forward to every challenge and laying a foundation of success for our customers, our employees and our community.