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CMM Inc. & Noe, Bryer & Miller (NBM) have recently joined forces to offer our clients the absolute best in engineering design. NBM has over 40 years of experience in the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design (MEP) field. This experience and proven track record combined with the resources of CMM Inc. offer the total package for all your engineering design needs.

CMM / NBM specializes in the MEP design of new construction, remodeling, build-outs, facility upgrades and restoration. CMM / NBM now offers structural engineering support to our existing and expanding client list. Our client friendly approach and our commitment to excellence sets us apart from your traditional design firms. We are small enough to provide that personal touch and large enough to take on any size project. Our design team is dedicated to provide our clients the best in mechanical, electrical and now structural engineering services.

Our engineering design experience includes but is not limited to the following industries:

➢ Commercial Buildings
➢ Building Automation
➢ Institutional Buildings - Schools and Universities
➢ Industrial Buildings
➢ Healthcare Facilities
➢ Buildings in Hospitality Industry
➢ Research and Development Centers
➢ Laboratories
➢ Entertainment Zones - Malls and Multiplexes
➢ Pharmaceutical Industry

When we make the statement "Experience the Difference" That is exactly what we mean. Our team of engineers and supporting design staff has an extensive amount of field experience. And the difference our clients experience is our commitment to field support. Our engineering staff not only utilizes the latest versions of design software such as:

➢ AutoCAD - Standard design and detailing
➢ AutoPipe - Piping design
➢ Caesar II - Pipe Stress Analysis
➢ SolidWorks - 3D design

We are also committed to each and every project from design through construction completion. We provide a proactive approach and a commitment to field support during the construction and installation process. We identify and correct field issues promptly to maintain the project schedule and budget.